Wood pellet stoves are generally small and easy to operate.  They only require loading the pellets and igniting the flame, and depending on what size of hopper your stove has it may need to be loaded only once a day.  Wood pellet stoves also emit fewer pollutants than traditional fireplaces. They’re considered to be carbon neutral by many environmentalists, due to the fact that the pellets are made from trees that lived on carbon, so the two cancel each other out.  These stoves have negative pressure systems that propel the hot air they produced outward, making the heat go farther than it would naturally.  By using wood pellet burners and stoves you are using a renewable energy that makes for a greener home.  Furthermore our supplier ensures all products are compliant to meet current building regulations and they are also listed on the HARP database (Home heating Appliance Register of Performance), a database which can assist you the homeowner in identifying an efficient heating system for your home.