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For many years the Passive House standard has been quietly spreading across Europe, applied both to residential and commercial buildings.  Architects and builders are using such standards to construct buildings that use up to 80% less heating and cooling energy. Lifecycle costs of a passive house building are less than any other “green” method of construction.  Passive houses stay at a comfortable temperature all year round with minimal energy inputs.  High quality insulation keeps the temperature comfortable just where it is needed.  Because of effective insulation heat stays within the building, and all surrounding areas are equally warm. 

Consequently there is no radiation heat-loss through the outside walls of a passive house, nor any resulting draughts. Conversely, the heat in summer stays outside and this prevents overheating inside. Because of these factors the room temperature in a passive house remains constant and comfortable throughout the year, ensuring a high standard of comfort and coziness for the occupier. In addition, passive houses have efficient ventilation systems (MVHR) which prevent a build-up of mould and dust and their resultant allergies.  As well as adequate insulation passive house windows have an important role in creating a passive building in that they can reduce heat loss and they allow sunlight to produce heat through the glass also.

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